Suggestions for handling out Pocket Crosses

At Your Church: Plan a service. Consider offering one to every person as they enter the church before the service begins. Upon conclusion of the service have a lead person introduce and fully describe the ministry and include some testimonials. Say prayer for God’s blessing for their efforts. Let the attendees know as they exit the church there are additional crosses that you have set a side in a special container full of crosses.

At Christian Groups: There are many groups outside of weekly service. These might include congregates of women, men, teenagers, and special prayer groups that incorporate evangelism into their programs. In addition, Bible study programs, seniors, volunteers serving the handicapped, elderly and other segments of society. Persons with knowledge of the should give the introduction at those activities.

With Individuals’ Personal Ministries: Various Christians conduct personal ministries that include people in medical, service professions, hospitals, Chaplin’s, social workers, and counselors.

WHEN YOU GIVE SOMEONE A POCKET CROSS:   “I would like to give you that small remembrance, I am a Christian and Jesus is my Lord and Savior and the leader of my life”.


Subsequently the Holy Spirit intercedes with the person. Normally a typical response is one of thanks which sometimes leading to a chance to witness. Numerous times you may have a new friend and a closer relationship could develop.

Always remember to pray for each person and remember, God uses us to plant the seed and the Holy Spirit takes over from there.